Post-workout nutrition: What to eat after a workout

Post-workout nutrition: What to eat after a workout

As well as maintaining a good physical exercise routine, healthy eating plays a fundamental role in well-being, performance, and results. And when it comes to post-workout at night, many people have doubts, after all, the idea is to ensure a good recovery without compromising the goals, right?

Importance of post-workout nutrition at night

Post-workout nutrition is extremely important for performance and results in general, as its main objective is the restoration of hepatic and muscular glucose reserves and the optimization of muscular recovery. That is, making sure your body has everything it needs to recover and build muscle.

However, it is good to take into account the need for rest so that the body can fully restore itself. When done at night, care must be taken not to impair the quality of sleep afterward, as heavy food can impair digestion and, consequently, night rest.

What to eat post-workout at night?

At this time, it is important to give preference to high-biological value proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates. This is precisely enabling a good night's sleep and rest.

As routine and hunger are not always the same for everyone, it is possible to choose between having dinner after the gym or having a snack. That way, if the post-workout is dinner, consume meat, eggs, or fish combined with rice, potatoes, or bread, for example. If post-workout is just a snack, a whey dose may be an option or even a fruit smoothie with milk or yogurt.

It is important, in addition to following the tips, to consult a professional in the area so that he can instruct you on your pre-and post-workout diet, from the best ingredients to the correct portions for your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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