New Years’ Resolutions - How to commit to your nutrition goals this year

New Years’ Resolutions - How to commit to your nutrition goals this year

The new years’ mood is my favorite. The optimism hovering in the air and the desire to start again with different actions and become the better version of yourself should last for the entire year.

Changing habits is really not easy! That’s because we are referring to practices that exist an entire life, and most of the time we are repeating habits or thoughts that aren’t even ours - most commonly they were taught by our family, society, and culture.

My goal with this post is to help you to live your New Year's resolution, as I will do it for myself. But, the first step is to face the reality - let’s plan feasible goals to take this out of our dreams and live them beyond the new year.

Let’s go!

Have 2 or 3 big goals for 2023

What is your goal for this year? Weight loss? Eat healthier? Starting to practice some sports or go to the gym? Think about it now.

Decide which small actions you must take to make those goals real

Is the goal to lose weight? Great! Which are the small actions you must take to make it real?
It might be eating good meals and not fast food; drinking more water; starting a physical activity, etc. Which are the small decisions you will take?

Quantify those small decisions

Is going to the gym a small decision to lose weight? Cool! How often will you go there? 3 or 4 days? Quantify your decision right now. This will help you to be more honored with yourself, besides helping you to quantify your progress.

Have facilitators

Reach out to good professionals to help you with this goal, they might be a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a meal prep company, etc. It is better for you to know how to plan yourself and your routine to make this happen. Plan some strategies.

We from Power Kitchen can help you in this journey. Get good meals at your doorstep, which will help you to become your New Year's resolutions indeed real.

Our meals are built by nutritionists for different fitness goals, and you can also schedule a successful meeting with them every time you need.

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We wish you a fabulous new year, with lots of achieved goals!



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