The Importance of Ingestion of Fiber

The Importance of Ingestion of Fiber

Adequate consumption of fiber in food is important to maintain gut health and fight and prevent diseases such as constipation, obesity, and diabetes.

Fiber-rich foods are also important, as they are essential for regulating the functioning of the organism as a whole, especially the regulation of the intestine. We should really consider that as it is usually called Our body’s second brain. Let’s take care of it.

The fibers are divided into 2 groups: Soluble and insoluble fibers.

Soluble fibers dissolve in water forming a gel, and therefore remain longer in the stomach and small intestine, thus giving a greater feeling of satiety, regulating blood sugar, and lowering cholesterol.

Insoluble fibers are not diluted in water and their fermentation in the intestinal microbiota is limited, so when they reach the large intestine, they accelerate intestinal transit, which helps to maintain our visits to the toilet more regular and avoid constipation.

They can be found in Cereals, Grains, Seeds, Beans, and Fruits.

The ingestion of fiber is as important as the ingestion of water, as the fiber itself needs the water to proceed with its work.

And to make life easier, we have two quick and delicious options for Breakfasts high in fiber:

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