How to get back in shape after pregnancy

How to get back in shape after pregnancy

After birth can be an intense time, not only physically but also emotionally. This is not the time to go on extreme diets as breastfeeding needs a lot of women's nutrition. However, even if you are not breastfeeding, it is probably a good idea to maintain good habits, since it can help you to sleep better, to have more energy, and also to get back in shape after pregnancy. 

If you would like to get back to your fitness routine after the baby’s arrival, check out our tips:

1. Breastfeeding

Unless you can’t, breastfeeding is a fast way to shrink the uterus back down to its usual size.

2. Do some exercise

Usually cardio exercises will help you burn up some calories. Check out with your doctors which exercises and when they will recommend you to restart the practice. 

3.Healthy diet

Make sure to have all the nutrients you need. Not only thinking about the baby's needs but also giving enough energy to your body function better and stimulate your organism to lose weight naturally. For that moment, our Power meal plan is a great option. 

4. Drink water

It is important to eliminate toxins and avoid swelling, as well as help with milk production.

5. Take a rest
Try to rest while your baby is sleeping. When we are tired, the body releases more cortisol, a hormone that makes the loss of weight more difficult.

And finally, keep calm with you and your body. With those tips, you can get back in shape in a healthy way without making crazy sacrifices as the most important thing at this moment is your health and mood to take care of your baby.

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