The Effects of Sugar on the Body: What You Need to Know

The Effects of Sugar on the Body: What You Need to Know

Who doesn't like a good dose of sugar? A dessert after meals, chocolate while watching the movies, a sweet treat to pass the time. And when you see it, you're already consuming too much sugar! Do you know what consequences this practice can bring to your health? In this article, we explain why sugar is considered one of the great villains of food and the most common diseases associated with it. Keep reading!

See what sugar does to the body

1) It is harmful to the liver

Too much sugar can put a strain on the liver—an effect similar to cirrhosis. Fructose, in particular, is the main source of this problem, as the liver finds it difficult to process high doses of this nutrient. The effects can be irreversible, causing a lot of liver damage.

2) Causes various diseases

Some better-known diseases can also be caused by this eating habit. Sugar is directly related to diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol levels, and increased blood pressure.

3) Delivers empty calories

In addition to being harmful, sugar is also completely useless to the body. It carries empty calories that are totally free of nutrients. There is no benefit in intake, that is, not consuming does not bring any deficit. Sugar has only calories, which are completely absorbed by the body when the food is processed by the body. The only effect is weight gain.

4) Causes insulin resistance

Insulin is essential for cells to burn sugar, however, excess consumption causes serious dysfunctions. The main one is insulin resistance: as a result, sugar is free in the bloodstream, causing a deficit in basic body functions. At that time, diseases such as diabetes can arise.

5) Increases uric acid levels

Fructose causes an increase in uric acid in the body, facilitating the onset of heart and kidney problems. For this reason, periodic blood tests are important so that the rates can be measured.

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