Healthy living video series introduction

Power Kitchen is excited to introduce the first of many in our educational video and blog series featuring Toronto’s best Health and Fitness professionals.

Our first series is with Cassandra Hope, certified personal trainer and registered holistic nutritionist in Leslieville. Cassandra has also joined the Power Kitchen team to help us create full- flavoured, balanced meals that meet the standards of Toronto’s top trainers and athletes.

Cassandra has given us her seal of approval when it comes to the quality and nutritional value of all of our delivery menu items.


We are so pumped to share this educational video and blog series with you all, as we explore all topics related to health, fitness, and nutrition. We hope these videos and blog posts inspire you to reach new heights on your health and fitness journey.

 We here at Power Kitchen endeavor to fully support you as you continue with or begin your own health and fitness pursuit. We will continue to share more original motivational and educational content. The Power Kitchen team hope to make all aspects of your health and fitness pursuit when it comes to healthy eating, nutrition, and fitness as simple as possible. We have designed our menu to not only be full of all the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis but also something you look forward to eating. We truly believe that eating healthy shouldn’t feel like a “sacrifice”. So here’s to no more boiled chicken breast, flavourless carbs and unpalatable vegetables!


Stayed tuned to catch more specialized blog posts and a host of inspiring videos every week with Cassandra Hope and others as we talk about:


  • Understanding Your Body’s needs
  • Balance and Finding Your Path
  • Tips and Tricks – like the  80/20 Rule
  • Knowing is it Fat or Inflammation
  • Learning your Ingredients


And many many more!


Make sure you go and check out Cassandra’s site for more great content!


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