7 Types of Physical Resistance Exercises for an Effective Workout

7 Types of Physical Resistance Exercises for an Effective Workout

There are many different types of exercises that you can do in order to get fit and healthy. One type of exercise that is often overlooked is physical resistance exercises. These exercises use your body weight or external resistance to help tone and strengthen your muscles. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 different types of physical resistance exercises that you can add to your workout routine!

More than ever, the importance of physical exercise for our health is evident. Along with healthy eating, they are essential pillars for quality of life and well-being. We know that, for beginners, it can be a little more difficult to have the breath and willingness to stay active. But luckily, there are exercises for physical resistance that help improve your performance. We list some of them below!

It is worth remembering, first of all, that resistance is related to the muscles and the cardiorespiratory system, and that this can be worked according to the type of activity that is practiced. In weight training, for example, you need to have greater muscular resistance to be able to perform the movements with the load. On the other hand, the better your respiratory and cardiac systems are developed, you can prolong your aerobic activities, such as running. The ideal is to work these two factors in balance.

Do resistance exercises work?

No single physical exercise will be able to increase your endurance. The truth is that it builds up over time, so you improve your conditioning a little bit more with each exercise day. Therefore, maintaining regularity in activities is essential to work on this point.

7 types of exercises for physical resistance

Run: Running is certainly one of the most beneficial physical exercises for the body. It helps in weight loss, accelerates metabolism, activates blood circulation, improves blood cholesterol levels, and increases respiratory and cardiovascular system repair. Want more? In other words, it is an activity that provides more breath.

You can start with a walk and progress to running. You can practice outdoors or with equipment such as a treadmill. If these are not interesting options for you, bet on stationary running, which can be practiced indoors. Just spy:

Stationary run: The idea here is to run without moving, using or not an elastic band. Start by warming up, at a slower pace. As this is an activity that gets your heart rate up quickly, pay attention to your body's signals so you don't harm or strain your heart.

Pilates: Pilates is a super complete physical activity: it works stretching, mobility, and also the strength of various regions of the body, such as arms, legs, lumbar, and abdomen. That is, it helps to develop physical resistance, strength, and balance. In addition, it is democratic, as it can be done by children, adults, the elderly, and pregnant women, as long as there are no medical restrictions.

Cardiovascular exercises for physical endurance

Cardiovascular are great alternatives to increase resistance and improve your performance. Best of all, the exercises listed below can be done at home. Take a look:

  • jumping jack
  • Jump rope
  • Jump squat

Step: This is one of the most dynamic physical resistance exercises. This activity simulates going up and down a step of a ladder and works both upper and lower limbs simultaneously.

As it is an aerobic activity, it helps to improve physical and cardiovascular conditioning, as well as helping to improve body composition. You can start with very simple exercises and gradually increase the complexity and execution of the movements.

Keeping an eye on your food

It is important to keep in mind that good nutrition is essential to help you gain more physical resistance. To be in the mood for training, try to eat light and balanced meals. It's no use exercising without ensuring the nutrients that make your body stronger.

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Each of these exercises targets different muscle groups, so it is important to mix them up in order to get the most benefit from your workout. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start adding some physical resistance exercises to your workout routine today! You'll be glad you did.

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