10 Foods to Raise Magnesium and Vitamin K Levels in Your Body

10 Foods to Raise Magnesium and Vitamin K Levels in Your Body
It's important to have enough Magnesium in your body. Magnesium helps regulate energy levels, keeps muscles healthy, and supports the immune system. Magnesium also helps maintain a good night’s sleep by calming nerves and relaxing muscles. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting which can help prevent injury or illness in the long term.

To ensure you are getting enough Magnesium and Vitamin K in your diet, try adding these 10 foods!

1) Avocados - Rich with Magnesium
2) Spinach - High in Magnesuim
3) Swiss Chard - Great source of Magnesiaum
4) Broccoli - Rich in Vitamin K
5) Banana - Rich in Magnesium
6) Nuts - Rich in Vitamin K
7) Cabbage - Rich in magnesium
8) Yogurt - Rich in Vitamin K
9) Dark Chocolate - Great in Magnesium
10) Lettuce - Rich in Vitamin K

Adding these foods to your daily diet is a great way to help increase Magnesium and Vitamin K levels and promote good health! Your body will thank you for it. Low energy? Magnesium may be the answer! Magnesium deficiency has been linked with low energy levels. Vitamin K will help support your immune system, and Magnesium will help promote a good night’s sleep! So make sure you are getting enough of this important minerals! 

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