Tired of making New Year’s resolutions that just don’t stick?

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The 80/20 diet delivery at your door

  • ✓ Ready to eat meals using the best locally sourced ingredients
  • ✓ Chef prepared restaurant quality meals
  • ✓ Always fresh never frozen
  • ✓ 8-week rotating menu
  • ✓ No contracts or commitments
  • ✓ Over 490 ★★★★★ reviews on Google
  • ✓ Menu options for all diet types

What's the 80/20 Challenge?

No matter if you looking to lose some weight, get into shape or just eat healthy, you already must have been in touch with crazy/weird/restrictive diets that promise a lot and barely deliver a result.

And if we tell you that all your life you have been presented with diets that don´t work because they weren´t designed for you?

The 80/20 Challenge is our manifesto to show YOU that you can have a balanced diet, eating your favorite foods and still reach your goals.

80/20 Challenge

More than just a challenge

80/20 Challenge

Not a diet, a lifestyle

More than just eating patterns, a balanced way of living and reaching your goals.

80/20 Challenge

Join the Transformation

They say that you are what you eat. We will show you how you change who you are through your eating habits.

80/20 Challenge

Proven Method

Get in touch with one of the most efficient methodologies for a healthy living.

Experience the joy of eating well without compromising on taste.

Let's start your flavorful journey towards a healthier you!

Power Kitchen is a company located in Toronto, Canada, specializing in the preparation and delivery of healthy and balanced meals.

Founded with the mission to make healthy eating more convenient and accessible, we have excelled in providing high-quality meal options for busy and health-conscious individuals.

We have a dedicated team of chefs and nutritionists to create tasty meals that cater to various dietary needs. Our dishes are thoughtfully crafted using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. We are committed to simplifying the lives of our customers, eliminating the need for meal planning, shopping, and healthy meal preparation.


80/20 Challenge

Join our early access list for
exclusive discounts and gifts!