Breathing vs Immunity: How to breathe to strengthen immunity?

Breathing vs Immunity: How to breathe to strengthen immunity?

Correct breathing has a strong relationship with strengthening immunity. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, it stimulates the defense cells of our immune system and contributes to longevity.

There are many ways to strengthen immunity and one of them is to pay attention to the way you breathe. In this way, the good oxygenation of the organism through breathing makes the whole body work at its full potential.

In this blog post, we will explain how good breathing relates to your immunity, and in what ways you can stimulate this connection. However, it is always important to remember: that care for immunity occurs through building habits. So, little by little, you will realize that healthy living will change your behavior in a very natural way.

How to breathe properly

Breathing is such a natural process in our lives that we forget how important it is to us. We are born learning to breathe, but we unlearn it over time. We can say that breathing defines our emotional state. When we are worried, tense, or anxious, it is normal for it to be short and fast. On the other hand, when we are calm, it is constant. If we are in love, we sigh.

The best way to breathe is through the nose, slowly and deeply. In fact, this will not always be possible. However, it is interesting to create the habit of practicing it a few times a day. Studies show that people who breathe a lot through their mouths are more likely to develop diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis, and even insomnia. It's our body manifesting itself, in these immunity drops.

However, people who are in the habit of taking long, deep breaths through their nostrils are more likely to develop a strengthened immune system. In addition, proper breathing increases our brain's information storage capacity and contributes to longevity. Learning to breathe is careful with your life.

Some ways to stimulate the relationship: Breathing x Immunity

Therefore, it is clear that correct breathing contributes to the strengthening of the human immune system, as it reduces the risks of diseases and brings interesting benefits, such as increased life expectancy.

To encourage this relationship, you should always prioritize breathing through your nose and avoid breathing through your mouth. Also, try to take long, deep breaths at some points in your day. If you prefer, seek meditation or yoga practices, which can facilitate the insertion of the habit into your routine.

Therefore, it can be said that full breathing (long and deep) increases well-being, energy and “cleanses” the body and mind. No wonder the practice is recommended by many doctors and therapists.

It is not the simple act of breathing but seeking to perform complete breathing exercises, on a daily basis, paying attention to this practice that inspires life. Therefore, we understand that the relationship between immunity and breathing is directly linked to the way you breathe. Immunity care can happen through some habits, such as resting, exercising, breathing properly, and eating well every day.

We don't build a strengthened immune system overnight but through a set of daily behaviors.

How do you choose to live every day? We are with you in this process, but it is yours.

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